Women and lying

On average a man will tell 126,672 lies in their entire life, which amounts to six lies a day, and women are not much better when it comes to telling the truth. A poll carried out by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment found that women are less dishonest, telling three lies per day, or 68,796 in a lifetime.

The most common lie among both sexes was: “Nothing’s wrong, I’m fine.”

Hip Hop artiste Yo Gotti has a track called “Women lie, Men lie” which tells 3 important truths: 1. Women lie… 2. Men lie… and 3. Numbers don’t lie.

Regardless of the fact that nobody enjoys being lied to, it seems that lying within all types of relationships is common.  Most of us are guilty of a little lie now and again. I simply recommend that people don’t do things they have to lie about (easier said than done). Any type of relationship that’s filled with regular lies easily becomes hurtful and destructive.

Chris Rock told some truth when he said “men lie the most, but women tell the biggest lies.” He said men tell lies like “yeah of course I was out with the boys”. Women tell lies like “of course the baby is yours honey”.

Women often tell horror stories about how they’ve been lied to in past relationships, but I think women are as guilty of lying as men. They may have different motives, but a lie is still a lie.
I don’t think lies on a whole can be justified, but there are exceptions I’m sure. Either way lying is dangerous and damaging. I conducted an informal survey among my female friends and realised there are many different reasons why women lie.

Some women rather keep a man in the dark if there’s something about him she doesn’t like, so they lie. Many times it festers and “breaks out” during a fight/quarrel. It’s almost like they put up with some crap until their tolerance/patience wears thin.

You know what pisses me off? FAKE ORGAMS!!! You’re doing yourself, the man and the next woman he sleeps with a big disservice. If he thinks he’s good, when he’s actually not then the man will continue doing “his thing” and the bad sex is gonna continue with some other unfortunate woman.

When women have made mistakes in life or done things(people) they’re not proud of, they don’t want to be judged. So she’ll lie to hide her past. That’s what women sometimes consider a “necessary lie”. I say, find a way to be honest with the man ‘cause if he discovers later on from “another source” then there will be lotsa questions to answer and then some.

On that same matter of “necessary lies”, some women believe it’s less likely for her to feel hurt if she breaks it off with a man who doesn’t know the skeletons in her closet. The less he knows about her past, the easier it is to break up and move on. Odd logic for me, but in the mind of women it seems to make sense. I guess she’s protecting herself from vulnerability; some sort of defense mechanism I suppose.

Women lie when they don’t trust a man. Some info is sensitive and confidential and can only be shared when there’s absolute confidence that it won’t be leaked. She may have information she considers sensitive and isn’t sure whether to tell you about it. Trust can be developed over time and when that happens, those lies should stop.

I’ve seen women fake tears and much more just because they know how to manipulate a man. As far as I’m concerned women who do this deserve whatever karma delivers to them in the end. No sympathy from me on that call.

Besides fake orgasms, what pisses me off are those lies that women use to “test” a man. What kinda childish bullshit is that?  Some women claim that “testing” a man is meant to catch the “bad guys” before they get too close. A “bad” enough man will get through to you quite often after it’s too late and a “good guy” may relaise you’re lying and get turned off.

Parting advice

Any relationship built on lies will collapse in the worst way. I say be honest and call a spade a spade. Avoid doing things that you’ll have to lie about if confronted. That’s advice to men and women.

Published by Garth O. Williams

A seasoned journalist and communications practitioner; professional MC/moderator, voice-over actor and entrepreneur.

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