Mindless money-making machines

Why are we here? I’ve always wished to receive enough wisdom to answer that question.

I posed this question to a wide variety of persons and we all came down to the most common and obvious purpose – to make money and die.

“Two things in life are sure – taxation and death” – Anonymous

Sounds morbid I know, but give it some serious thought.

Virtually everything on the planet revolves around money, even religion, but I’ll get into that in another blog.

Mindless money-making machines is what many humans have become – slaves to money.

Journey with me for a moment, because this starts at birth. As a boy, my parents, teachers and those ‘set in authority over me’ said the same thing: “Go to school and do well so you can get a degree (or 2 or 3) so you can get a good job so you can make a good living.”

What does a ‘good living’ mean? I’m sure we can all agree that it simply means being able to afford all the things you need to be comfortable while saving MONEY so you can retire in comfort.

I recall how most parents wanted their children to study and follow ‘traditional careers’ like Law, Architecture, Medicine, Banking, Finance etc. The reason behind this was simple, people who practice in the above mentioned fields “mek money”.

When I told my mother I was turning my back on the sciences to pursue media career her first question was, “Garth, can you make  money in media?”

My reply was simply, “Mommy, I’m not doing it because of the money. It’s what I love.” It never went down well initially, but eventually she supported my decision.

Money was the motivating factor behind many lessons our parents taught us and even the way they brought us up. If you got an ‘allowance’ or ‘pocket money’ from relatives when you got to a particular age it became tied to some element of work.

Do your chores on time and without murmur then your wages, oops I mean ‘pocket money’, was guaranteed. Get good grades in school and you get a bonus. The lesson parents were teaching is that you must work hard for what you want. While that principle is honourable, it was subliminally securing our allegiance to the ‘MASTER’ – MONEY.

Like little drones we’re brought up in a world where working for money and acquiring more wealth than others around you is riveted and wired into our brains and it sticks with us ’til death.

Let’s fast-forward to where you are now in life. Whether you’re employed/unemployed, if money is not the #1 thought on your mind, it’s in the top 3. By the way, anything that’s above money on that list is still directly linked to money (there may only be a few exceptions, none of which I can think of anyway)

Virtually everything you do or think of doing is has a financial cost which you consider before taking the next step.

Think about it, we do it all for the money; if not for yourself, probably for your children or other members of your family.

Let ‘s think about something else – debt/credit

Our banking/financial system depends heavily on having people/organisations/countries in debt and that’s a sad way to live. Essentially what it does is create slaves.

Slaves have no rights.  Slaves are controlled by another.  Slaves are obligated to do as they are told. So maybe we have rights, but we surely are controlled by money.

Are you a slave to money? Think about it for a moment.

It’s not just the “paper chase” or pursuit of acquiring lots of wealth that make money our master. If you’re currently in a position where you’re struggling to pay off debt which never seems to go away, that makes money your master. If your life is currently leaving you with very little wiggle room because of stringent financial arrangements, money is your master.

We often get caught up by persuasive advertising campaigns which push easy credit and a mentality that you can have anything you want almost instantly, this is a route to making money become your master.

We are its slaves because so many people  have no choice but to work extra hours to pay for all the ‘luxuries’ they have consumed, or ‘making ends meet’ and who can forget a pesky lil thing called cost of living.

Utilities, gas prices, rent or excessive monthly payments on a huge mortgage leave precious little breathing room in the budget.  The list could go on, but I won’t depress you or myself any further.

If we have wedged ourselves into a financial corner where the banks dictate to us where our money goes each pay cheque, then we are under money’s control.

When money problems act as a constraint, yes, it has become our master.

This blog is just to provoke thought… Let me know what you think

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Published by Garth O. Williams

A seasoned journalist and communications practitioner; professional MC/moderator, voice-over actor and entrepreneur.

7 thoughts on “Mindless money-making machines

  1. I’m one of those people who isn’t driven by the thought of being rich but i do understand that money is important/necessary. I am not currently in debt but I will be- to the SLB- real soon. It’s a most disgusting thought and I fought it it really hard for a long while but I’ve accepted defeat now.I view money as a necessity and a flashy life isn’t my aim but to have some sort of comfortable life ( one of some sort of ‘independence’ where your only masters are ur boss and money rather than other people who fund ur lifestyle in a more informal way)requires money, unfortunately. I am constantly stared upon because of the approach I have to money because it doesn’t drive me as much as it does so many of my peers. To that I say, I have a bigger, albeit by a small portion, piece of my soul in the end.


  2. On a more serious note though, good post. We all realize this at some point don’t we? By the time we do, oops too late.

    This is probably the biggest reason I am self-employed. I’d rather be a slave on my own terms. The alternative I suppose would be to become a hippie or rastafarian in country living off the land. Fun thought actually.


  3. Garth, this was a great article and I hope I can disagree with on the points about being a slave to money and money being our master. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am not a slave to money,neither is it my master. Even if you are doing something that you love I am sure that you are not going to do it for free! I am sure that you didn’t leave your child and family to live in and work in a different country because it sounded excitng; as much as you may love what you do, you are still doing it for money. I have some to realise that money can’t buy the things that we truly desire: health, peace of mind, happiness, love,life and contentment.I would say a rich man is a slave to money. Notice how much “protection” him have to have, the more money the more problems!


  4. I really love this article and the way your message was carried across. I am in total support of the views presented. Even though people may have their own view on the issue, guys this is real talk.


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