About Garth

Garth is a married father two who hails from Westmoreland, Jamaica. He is the child of educators; from an early age he demonstrated a proclivity for communicating and connecting with people. Over time, those characteristics were skillfully and strategically honed to forge his career in Communications.

With an intense passion for people, Garth consistently seeks opportunities to provide support, advice and a listening ear. This is the result of witnessing his parents care for those around them – at work, in the community and church – it’s a lineage of love for humanity.

While being a good listener, he is also a talker and this blog is an avenue for the expression of a wide variety of thoughts – informative, thought-provoking and entertaining. Other avenues of expression include his social media feeds. We invite you to follow him on Twitter @ohGarth and Instagram @ohGarth.

Finally, Garth is a foodie! It’s not just about his adventurous palette but he’s always serving up something sumptuous. Checkout @TieHerWithFood on Instagram and YouTube for a taste of his culinary creations.


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