Parenting in a Pandemic

Parenting is a 24-hour duty (not job) which keeps you physically and mentally on your toes. We’ve got two children – daughter 11 and son 7. Prior to this global COVID-19 pandemic we were very close to kids. They knew we were always ready to listen to them and provide information/support. This approach worked outContinue reading “Parenting in a Pandemic”


Valentine’s Day… but why though?

So here it comes again, that dreaded (or highly anticipated) day of the year, Valentine’s Day. A lot of us as men feel pressured by Valentine’s Day. We don’t like being expected to do something romantic for the wife or girlfriend(s) on an arbitrary date on the calendar. Some of my male friends flinch whenContinue reading “Valentine’s Day… but why though?”

Beauty of the Backshot

Sexual intercourse is certainly one of the best parts of human life. It’s even better when the people involved are open-minded and committed to giving pleasure rather than selfishly focusing on “gettn theirs”. Anyhow, I’m not focusing on sex in general today, I’m talking about the beauty of the Backshot, Backaz, Doggy Style or whicheverContinue reading “Beauty of the Backshot”

Secrets: to keep or not to keep

It is a widely-held belief/assumption that happiness in a marriage/relationship depends a lot on being completely open to one’s spouse through full disclosure. We are taught that clear communication is the best policy. Books like Fifty Shades of Grey strongly suggest that sharing our deepest sexual fantasies will improve intimacy. Others say secrets will ultimatelyContinue reading “Secrets: to keep or not to keep”

Matey by choice – women chasing forbidden fruit

Life is filled with duality – good v evil, left wing v right wing and matey v wifey among others; so let’s talk about this wifey v matey matter, focusing on the matey. For the purpose of this blog let’s focus particularly on the mateys who weren’t tricked into the relationship with the man. Instead I wantContinue reading “Matey by choice – women chasing forbidden fruit”