Evaluating the relationship

When I enter a relationship, I expect it to last.  I think of it as practise for marriage. Yes, I said marriage! You thought Garth couldn’t harbour such lofty ambitions? lol Anyway, the sad truth is that as lifestyles change so do people. After a while, flaws and cracks inevitably start to show and youContinue reading “Evaluating the relationship”

Why Women Cannot Find a Good Man

The many variables contributing to this phenomenon actually come down to overcoming one negative attribute of the female mind, which is lack of self-knowledge. (Pardon me, but the whole “academic/intellectual” thing just had to be done at the start, now back to regular talkin, lol) If a woman does not know who she is andContinue reading “Why Women Cannot Find a Good Man”

Single Life – don’t rush to end it

Everyday I hear persons complain about trouble in their relationships (marriages). I wonder why people are so obsessed about getting into relationships anyway. When you’re single, you’re not committed anyone in particular, able to party like a rock star and sleep late with no one to tell you to do otherwise. It’s a great life,Continue reading “Single Life – don’t rush to end it”

Baby Mama Drama – remember the children

Breaking up with someone and staying civil is hard enough when it’s just between the two of you, but when a child is involved, it can be a bit dicey. It can be a real challenge working with an ex to raise a child, especially when the ex has started another relationship.   Many peopleContinue reading “Baby Mama Drama – remember the children”

Simple chivalrous gestures

LET ME OPEN BY REMINDING YOU THAT CHIVALRY ISN’T DEAD. MANY MEN HAVE SIMPLY FORGOTTEN IT EXISTS AND SOME WOMEN DON’T KNO HOW TO APPRECIATE A CHIVALROUS GESTURE… In this day and age of “equality of the sexes”, women’s lib, feminism and political correctness, the polite way to interact with women can be confusing. WomenContinue reading “Simple chivalrous gestures”

Balancing your “Sistren” with your Girlfriend

Having a female friend/ sistren can bring many good things into your life. You can go to her for inside advice when your girlfriend’s logic (or lack thereof) is making you crazy. You can hang with her when you’re not in the mood for all the testosterone in the company of the ‘boys’. She’s thereContinue reading “Balancing your “Sistren” with your Girlfriend”

SEX with a good friend

Recently boredom kicked in and i decided to watch “When Harry Met Sally” again. Something struck me about a comment Billy Crystal’s character said.  He said the reason men and women can’t be friends is “because the sex part always gets in the way.”   Think about all your friendships with the opposite sex; chances are itContinue reading “SEX with a good friend”

Is honesty the best policy in a relationship?

Let me answer the question in the title… Honesty is not even close to being the best policy in a relationship. Little boys need to lie all the time, but real men realize that anything in excess is a disaster and that includes telling the truth. Not every question should be answered honestly, because people oftenContinue reading “Is honesty the best policy in a relationship?”

Women and the cheating man

I have always maintained that ladies don’t always know what they want (go ahead and disagree, sue me if you want, lol). Anyway, my point is borne out by the consistent inconsistencies women apply to their position(s) on relationships. So many complain and curse men who cheat in relationships, but they stay with these men or worse – endContinue reading “Women and the cheating man”