Self confidence – is it what women want?

The question of what women want has been with us since God (if you’re religiously inclined) created women. I doubt even God could tell us what women want, and no I’m not being blasphemous. Don’t you think he would have revealed it to some ‘holy man’ by now? … Moving on I’ve observed and interacted withContinue reading “Self confidence – is it what women want?”

Mindless money-making machines

Why are we here? I’ve always wished to receive enough wisdom to answer that question. I posed this question to a wide variety of persons and we all came down to the most common and obvious purpose – to make money and die. “Two things in life are sure – taxation and death” – AnonymousContinue reading “Mindless money-making machines”

Marriage – good stuff

Recently I wrote about not rushing to end single life. Shortly after posting, some of my married friends contacted me speaking about their “wedded bliss”, others complained about life with their spouse. Since I’m all about being balanced, I thought it would only be fair to “big up” marriage. Statistics locally and globally show aContinue reading “Marriage – good stuff”

Happiness – you can help yourself get it

Happiness is a subjective matter. What makes me happy may not be enough to make some one else feel the same. I believe though that there are common principles and practices among people who consider themselves happy. Thankfully, you don’t have to be rich to be happy; being rich helps for sure, but on itsContinue reading “Happiness – you can help yourself get it”