Intro aka sad truth

Men can get away with rolling out of bed, throwing on some semi-clean clothes and doing a bit of minor grooming. Women spend a ton of time and money on their appearance. They dress and groom to feel good about themselves, but the idea of being attractive to men is never far from their minds either.

Unfortunately, a lady’s efforts are often overlooked. We appreciate the look as a whole, but don’t notice the little things that go into it.

Her shoes

A woman’s posture changes when she is wearing high heels. They make her legs look longer, highlight her behind and re-angle her torso. It also helps everybody seems to have  a shoe fetish, because  men and women to view the high heel as sexy and alluring. Wearing high heels is one thing women definitely do for the benefit of men, since they’re usually not the most comfortable choice in footwear. A woman’s feet and purse suffer for the cause of great shoes.

Her sense of humour

Most people put “a good sense of humor” pretty high on the list of qualities they would like in a significant other. So, when she tells a particularly amusing joke or keeps your friends laughing, make sure you acknowledge it. This could be as easy as saying, “My friends thought you were a lot of fun,” or just laughing genuinely when she shows off her comedic timing.

That she smells different

The next thing she wants you to notice is her scent. Scent is a very important aspect of attraction and there’s a good chance that the way she smells was part of what drew you to her in the first place. Women usually pay close attention to the way they smell(and the way you smell too). Finding the right balance of perfume, lotion and other scented products is an art women have virtually mastered. When she changes her signature scent in a significant way, she wants you to notice. Close your eyes, lean in and say, “You smell great. Are you wearing something different?”

That she cleaned up the place

This is one of those cases where a direct, enthusiastic comment is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. it’s something she wants you to notice. If she has worked all day straightening up the living space (YOUR, HERS OR SHARED). Make a point of saying, “Wow, it’s spotless in here!” If it is your own apartment that she has cleaned, offering a foot rub would be extremely appropriate.

That she’s been working out

Whether her goal is to lose weight, get toned, build muscle, or just to look and feel healthier, you should support her commitment to working out and going to the gym. When you start seeing the results you should definitely compliment her on it. Telling her that her body looks great could be an excellent aphrodisiac for her, which is a bonus for you.

That she got waxed/shaved

Waxing hurts and shaving can be somewhat inconvenient. No matter how cool she tries to be about it, it is a tremendously unpleasant experience from beginning to end, waxing that is. A woman wouldn’t go through the trouble and pain of getting her body hair waxed for herself. It is, in fact, an act women only do to please men. Reward her by touching her smooth, soft skin often and providing plenty of oral sex (if thats your thing).

That she has a new hairstyle

Women do a remarkable number of things to perfect and maintain their hair — cutting, styling, dyeing, curling, straightening, teasing, back-combing, relaxing, etc. — and they do a lot of it in order to appear attractive to men. Noticing any major change in her hair, whether it’s the style, cut or color, is essential to remaining in her good books. A simple, “Your hair looks great!” is good enough.

Her new lingerie

Telling men to notice a woman’s lingerie may seem like a no-brainer, but there is a difference between vaguely registering that she is wearing lingerie before swiftly removing it and taking some time to appreciate the look and feel of the skimpy number she has donned just for you.

In closing…

If you want to really impress her, check her out and pay attention to her appearance, behavior and efforts. Not all of them require a direct comment, but some kind of reaction is warranted to let her know you appreciate all the elements that make her a fabulous wife/fiancée/matey/girlfriend/lover.

Published by Garth O. Williams

A seasoned journalist and communications practitioner; professional MC/moderator, voice-over actor and entrepreneur.

One thought on “NOTICING WOMEN

  1. I agree, it is good to feel appreciated and noticed. I however disagree that the motives for doing these things are men.

    In truth, many women dress for other women, be it to create envy/jealousy or just to prove a point. Others, do it because they feel better when they do. 5 inch heels are no fun to wear I agree, however there is something about them that just puts that extra pop in the feel of the evening.

    Hair removal is simply a necessity. It is not simply for sensuality, it is a matter of hygiene in my non-medical opinion.

    Actually, in truth, it just really isn’t about you. It is about us and how we feel about ourselves that make the difference.


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